Certified Texas Whiskey™

Texas is like no other place on planet earth. Just hearing the word “Texas” conjures mental images of an untamed natural beauty, abundant resources, and a strong people committed to their aspirations. Texas stands for independence, ambition, craftsmanship, and pioneering spirits. But most of all, Texas stands for truth.

So it should come as no surprise that many advertisers use the “Texas” brand to help sell their products, even if the product is produced elsewhere.  Recently, this trend has made its way into the world of Texas Whiskey, due in no small part to the amazing success and world acclaim received by many of our Founding Members’ products.  Just because something says “Texas” doesn’t mean it has been made in Texas by Texans.

That’s why the Texas Whiskey Association has launched the Certified Texas Whiskey™ Program to help consumers identify the whiskies that were actually produced in Texas and are telling the truth on their labels.  When you see the Certified Texas Whiskey™ seal on a bottle, you can rest assured that the entire process, from “grain-to-glass” was produced within the state of Texas.

Certification Criteria

Certified Texas Whiskey™ = Grain-to-Glass in Texas

The criteria for what qualifies as a Certified Texas Whiskey™ is very simple. Start with grain (from Texas or elsewhere) and then execute every step of the whiskey-making process all within the great State of Texas.

Here are the official standards that TXWA uses to certify whether or not a product meets the criteria to receive the certification seal.  In order to be a Certified Texas Whiskey™, the product(s) MUST be…

  1. Produced at licensed distilleries wholly located within the State of Texas.
  2. Produced from cereal grains (whole grain, ground grain or grain flakes) and Texas-sourced water that is…
    • Processed in the state of Texas into a mash
    • Fermented entirely in the state of Texas
    • Distilled and barreled in the State of Texas.
    • Compliant with the TTB designations of “Whisk(e)y” both in class & type.
  3. Matured entirely within the territorial boundaries of the State of Texas.
  4. Bottled within the State of Texas with no additives other than Texas-sourced water.
  5. Independently verified via on-site annual verification by an officer of The Texas Whiskey Association compliance team.
Apply For Certification

Any legal producer of whiskey (with a DSP) who is producing a product that meets the five criteria for certification by the Association is eligible to have their product(s) certified.

TXWA members must either have a Certified Texas Whiskey™ product currently available to the public OR is in process of producing a Certified Texas Whiskey™ product currently.  Members and non-members must apply for each product (per unique UPC code), and must schedule an on-site visit by a representative of TXWA to verify the production process all occurs in state for the applied products.

The same criteria of certification apply to both TXWA members and non-members, however member and non members pay a different licensing structure for use of the Certified Texas Whiskey™ on their verified products. TXWA members pay $0.10 /9L case of Certified Texas Whiskey™ product SKUs sold in the previous year. Non-members pay $0.20 /9L case of Certified Texas Whiskey™ product SKUs sold in the previous year.

All applications are held in strict confidence by officers of the TXWA Compliance Team.