Certified Texas Whiskey™ = Grain-to-Glass in Texas

The criteria for what qualifies as a Certified Texas Whiskey™ is very simple. Start with grain (from Texas or elsewhere) and then execute every step of the whiskey-making process all within the great State of Texas.

Here are the official standards that TXWA uses to certify whether or not a product meets the criteria to receive the certification seal.  In order to be a Certified Texas Whiskey™, the product(s) MUST be…

  1. Produced at licensed distilleries wholly located within the State of Texas.
  2. Produced from cereal grains (whole grain, ground grain or grain flakes) and Texas-sourced water that is…
    • Processed in the state of Texas into a mash
    • Fermented entirely in the state of Texas
    • Distilled and barreled in the State of Texas.
    • Compliant with the TTB designations of “Whisk(e)y” both in class & type.
  3. Matured entirely within the territorial boundaries of the State of Texas.
  4. Bottled within the State of Texas with no additives other than Texas-sourced water.
  5. Independently verified via on-site annual verification by an officer of The Texas Whiskey Association compliance team.