TexMalt started just like any great idea…over a beer. After a long work week Austin and Chase were visiting one of their local breweries when they asked the head brewer, “Where does your malt come from?”.  The answer was a large corporate malting facility located almost 1,500 miles away.  To Chase and Austin this was unacceptable because they personally knew Texas farming families located in the panhandle.  They were certain quality malting barley and other grains could be grown locally in Texas and they took it upon themselves to make it a reality.

Austin and Chase went to work learning the malting process and eventually attended the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Center in Winnipeg, Canada where they earned their malting certificate.  At the same time they began working closely with their Texas farmers to grow special varieties of malting barley and other brewing/distilling grains suited for local environment.

In the summer of 2016 TexMalt had sold it’s very first batch of malting barley.  They began as a small floor malting operation capable of 1/2 ton batches.  Today TexMalt offers small batch floor malting along with their precision controlled Germination Box capable of producing over 8 tons per week.

Austin and Chase started with the idea of connecting Texas farms with Texas breweries and distilleries. Today, the malt and grains that TexMalt offers far surpass any large scale operation due to the hard work and local relationships that were built and continue to grow.  TexMalt will always strive to offer the best ingredients so breweries and distilleries can make the best beer and spirits possible.

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