After many Saturdays spent sampling the brews of our local craft brewery and watching the crowds get larger and larger, we decided we wanted to be a part; part of the beer, part of the crowd, part of the craft beer explosion. We just wanted to be a part of something – darn it and we just wanted to be loved!  We’re good enough – we’re smart enough and gosh darn it – people like us.  Well, perhaps that last part was after we had redeemed our last token.

First, we discussed starting our own brewery; we discussed location, names, food, flavors we would embrace and we discussed who we could convince to invest in us.

Then, reality hit us after our fourth beer. We’d miss the friends we had made.  And we couldn’t figure out how to have our own tastings on Saturday and then be at our local brewery’s tastings at the same time.  Science still hasn’t figured out how to clone us, and frankly our wives can barely deal with one of us, much less our clone.

Suddenly, we heard the familiar yet dreaded sound we’ve all heard at these tastings.  The sound that haunts us all for at least the first 2 tokens.  The sound of our favorite pint glass hitting the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces.  The sound of despair and the inevitable groan from the crowd.  The knowledge that, for at least now, sampling was done until another glass could be purchased.  After the obligatory moment of silence, we all toasted to our lost glass comrade!

The conversation then turned again to the fact that science had yet again failed us.  When that dreaded sound again pierced the air – another lost glass – another lost opportunity – another lost comrade – IT WAS A MASSACRE!  We’d lost two on that fateful day.  Two that would no longer know the sweet pleasure of the liquid gold that is craft beer.  Two that would no longer be the first to know the great tastes of the latest Pale Ale, the latest Stout, the latest Barley Wine, the latest liquid gold.

We knew we had to do something.  Perhaps we couldn’t bring our own craft beer into the world but we knew we could do something else.  We could bring comfort and joy to those who enjoyed craft beer. We could bring glasses to the brewery!  We could bring chocktkies to the brewery!  We could bring apparel to the brewery!  And we could help breweries with branding!

They say the greatest triumphs come after the greatest tragedies.  That day we had the greatest tragedy we have suffered at the brewery when we lost two of our beloved tankards, but through the pain and sorrow – we triumphed – we persevered – we rose from the ashes – WE CREATED HOPE!  And we CREATED CASK BRANDING! All beers aside, we actually do have 25+ years of experience in branding, printing, promotional products and wearables.


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