The Blackland Prairie runs from the Red River to the North down to San Antonio in the South. Lightning fires cleared the land for native tall grass to thrive in the rich dark soil. Working through established practices and challenging convention at each turn, Blackland has Remastered spirits bringing new life into every sip.

Located in The Foundry district of Fort Worth Texas, Blackland Distillery was founded by Fort Worth native Markus Kypreos in March of 2019. With the help of Master Distiller Ezra Cox, who has more than 20 years of experience, together they have created what has come to be known as strikingly smooth and clean spirits. Our bourbon whiskey is a mix of 80% corn and 20% triticale (a grain that is a hybrid between rye and wheat) while our rye whiskey is a mix of 80% rye and 20% triticale.

They are slated to launch their flagship whiskey in 2022 which will be 100% triticale whiskey.

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12616 Weisenberger St.,

Fort Worth, Texas 76107