About TXWA

Our Purpose

The Texas Whiskey Association is established by a trailblazing group of whiskey makers with the common goal to promote Texas Whiskey, educate consumers and support distilleries that produce whiskey all within the territorial boundaries of the State of Texas. Together we intend to create and grow worldwide demand, appreciation and respect for whiskies made in Texas by:

  • Educating consumers about what Texas Whiskies are and are not;
  • Encouraging truth and transparency in labeling;
  • Setting certification standards that assure quality and authenticity;
  • Establishing and promoting an educational and enjoyable Texas Whiskey Trail for consumers and advocates.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Daniel Whittington


Crowded Barrel Whiskey Co.

Joanna Salinas


Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Davin Topel


Head Distiller — Real Spirits Distilling

Brandon Choate

Lone Elm Whiskey

Bob Petitt

1845 Distilling Company

Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno

Gulf Coast Distillers

Nick Jessett

MKT Distillery